Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Resolutions - Part 2

Part 2

6.  take more pictures.  my ultimate goal is to buy a nice camera (dslr) and lenses...but for now i need to take more pictures with my little point and shoot.
 7.  start playing my violin again....well relearning how to play my violin....its been a while

8.  build forts with blankets and chairs and relax.  i tend to let myself get to busy...borderline workaholic.  i need to make time to take it easy....snuggle with my dave...or read a book, etc
 9.  help dave research and start a music education program/charity for kids.  music is super important to dave and myself and is a great tool to educate and keep kids engaged in somthing positive.....we want to be apart of that

10.  change up my hairs.  my hair style hasent changed in i dont know how long..years.  i dont mean chop it all off....just something different. 
thats all for Part 2....i will post up the last of my goals tomorrow
stay tuned!
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Influence said...

Great resolutions. I just decided the same thing and changed my hair after years of having it straight and long. I decided to get it permanently curled :) I'm really happy with it. Have a great new year x