Tuesday, July 20, 2010

30 day Shake Weight Challenge - Week 1

i know what your thinking....the Shake Weight..the silly wiggling dumbbell thing on tv? o yes thats exactly what i mean. i have always been a sucker for watching infomercials in the middle of the night...thanks in part to my seasonal insomnia issues. When i saw it at the Target i had to buy it. i was kinda ashamed to admit to anyone that i had bought it...so it stayed hidden and unused in my closet for a couple of months.

how is thing supposed to help get my doughy arms into shape if its hidden in a closet? it doesnt. i wish just owning workout equipment meant that i was in shape...but sadly it doesnt. in order to keep myself accountable and follow through with this challenge i am going to post some embarrassing flabby arm photos....eww im cringing just thinking about it (please excuse my camera in the mirror pic...i didnt have anyone home last night to take pics for me)

the shake weight workout is only 6 minutes a day...easy right? i started on monday (although im just now getting a chance to post the pics) and i will post pics on my weeks progress every monday for the next 4 weeks. hopefully i will actually see results in 4 weeks. its not as easy as it looks...after a couple of minutes you can really feel the burn. has anyone else used the Shake Weight? how did you do with it?