Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday DIY: Vinyl Record Bowls

for this weeks Friday DIY i thought i would show ya'll how to make bowls out of old vinyl records. i have quite a few that i use around the house to hold keys, spools of thread, bottle caps, spare change, etc. i have also used them as a creative means of gift wrap...think along the lines of a gift basket, but use the vinyl record bowl instead of the basket. anywho....moving on

Supplies: Oven, baking sheet, metal or oven save bowl, pot holders, and a vinyl record. I bought my records at Half Price can usually get them for really cheap. (Pointer: dont use your mint condition Beatles albums people...i look for ones in the $1-2 range that are scratched up and wouldnt play anyway...or ones that have pretty stickers in the middle)

Step 1: Heat your oven to 200F....its not very hot. Move your rack to a higher level so that the record will be close to the coils without catching fire...keep in mind the height of the bowl you are using.

Step 2. Once the oven is hot place your heat safe bowl upside down on the baking sheet (tip-slip a wooden spoon under one side of the bowl so you can pick the bowl up easily with your oven mitted hands). place your vinyl record so that the hole in the middle is in the middle of the bowl.

Step 3: Put in oven. Let it heat up for a couple of should see the vinyl droop over the bowl (Please excuse the splatters in my oven...i bake alot..and it doesnt clean easily)

Step 4: pull everything out of the oven. you will have only a few seconds (approx 20-30)to take the record off the bowl

Step 5: flip the bowl and the record over. put the record into the bowl to help you mold it in the right shape.

Step 6: if you dont get the way you want the first worries...repeat steps 3-5 until you are happy with your shape. remember this is supposed to be functional imperfect is just as pretty as perfect

Step 7: beautiful...look what you made. if you want you can cut a round piece of clear contact paper and "seal" the sticker on the top and bottom to preserve it. i didnt do it here because i didnt have any on hand.

Note: there is no way to completely waterproof a vinyl record not put in dishwasher or microwave. clean with a damp towel only...if you have not sealed your sticker do not get it wet. Save the sleeve! I'll post another fun DIY project that will utilize the record sleeve...and give you a unique art piece for your wall.

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