Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

I had a baby shower cake due today. I based the cake off of the invitation and a sample of the linens they were going to use today. I tried for the first time today the "French Embroidery" technique on the cake....where you use royal icing and brush it so it looks like the vintage french porcelain vases....well thats the general idea anyway. i think i did a pretty good job....but im sure i could use some more practice. Let me know what you think.

cute huh?

ive got some more stuff to post later.....stay tuned.



Keeping time said...

This is so beautiful, how did you create those flowers?

ezzi said...

i used royal icing...and drew 5 "C"s and then used a paint brush (just for my cakes)and swiped inward to form the petals. i haven't quite perfected my technique but i think it turned out ok