Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 150th Birthday Alphonse Muncha

I am..always have love with ART. I dont think there was an art class offered that i didnt take....that includes Art History (which i got a minor in in college). One of my favorite art periods is Art Nouveau....mainly because of Alphonse Muncha. To me he made the era. You can see his influence in many other Art Nouveau artists as well as in architecture. If you love Muncha and architecture you need need need to go to Paris. Ive been twice and everytime i was there i found myself looking at the Art Nouveau architecture rather than the "Paris-y" things (for example: the Metropolitain entrances. I love vintage french advertisements and posters (these are my favorite things to do reproduction paintings of)...i have many many books of nothing but vintage advertisements....and i gotta say my favorites are Muncha's...they are just to beautiful not to love. Here are some of Muncha's art.

looking at all this art today is making me want that Muncha sleeve tattoo even of these days i might cave...but i need to find an incredible artist first....anyone know someone that could do Muncha justice?

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