Friday, July 16, 2010

friday DIY: Magazine File

i didnt plan on doing 2 DIY posts today but i was looking around the interwebz and found this DIY on

What You Need
Materials Empty cereal box, ruler, pen, scissors, decorative paper, mod podge

1. Eat a large box of cereal. Of course, you don't have to do this all at once but I promise not to judge if you do. I used a 35 oz. box of cereal, which is the perfect size for these titles but is too small for others, like Dwell and Martha Stewart.

2. With a ruler, measure and mark a diagonal line on the front and back of the box. Also mark a line on the side of the box connecting the two diagonal lines. A clear craft ruler is a great tool for this step.

3. Cut off the top and the area you marked on the box in step #2. I used scissors for this but you could also use an x-acto knife or blade.

4. Cover the magazine file with paper. I used mod podge to glue wrapping paper to my file. Then, after the box was covered in paper, I slathered a layer of mod podge on the entire thing, giving it a little extra strength.

5. After the mod podge has dried, fill your new file box with magazines!

super useful Re-Nest....thanks!!!


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