Thursday, July 15, 2010

knitta please

i am a beginner knitta-tagger. what does this mean you say? well knit tagging is a form of graffiti or street art. the cool thing about it is that its not destructive!! its all about adding a splash of whimsy and color to an otherwise dull public make people stop, look and maybe crack a smile. knitted pieces are sewn onto street signs, trashcans, bikes, lamp posts, cars...etc. to me its just plain fun. i love seeing peoples reactions when they see something that draws their attention away from whatever they were doing.

here is an example....this was done by my mom and aunt

the knitta tags that i usually do are much smaller. i call them antenna sweaters

i carry several in my purse and whenever im in a parking lot or parking garage i slip them onto the few cars that still have'd me amazed at how many cars dont have antennas anymore...sad face.

i cant take credit for this awesome idea. the mother of this phenomenon is Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please (also look her up on facebook - tons more pics). she is a self made woman through and through. Magda travels the world doing both gorilla knit graffiti as well as commissioned installations. im so jealous.

i am not great at knitting with needles so i use knitting makes it go alot faster...atleast for me. my stock pile of larger knitted pieces is growing. once of these days i will throw it all in the car and tag up the town. ill post pictures of course.

maybe i should do a DIY for this....i think i will....maybe even a video!!

....stay tuned.


Jennifer said...

I wish i had an antenna so you could make a purple one for me!!!

Jennifer said...

Wish i had an antenna so you could make me a purple one!!!!!!