Tuesday, July 20, 2010

recent cakes

i thought i would share some cakes that i have done recently. these pics havent even made it on to my cake website....so ya'll are special.

new flavor: s'mores cupcake (still needs some tweaking but its good!)

piano cake (i mentioned it in an earlier post but never posted the pic)

circus tent cake - it matched the invitation to a T (birthday cake)

Adam (my friends adorable baby) eatting "his messy" cake...he went to town on it

Adam's Birthday Cake

castle cake

baby shower cake

cupcakes for my company's family picnic

i have a baby shower cake to do this weekend. ill post a pic when it's finished. if you feel like spreading the word...im always looking for new clients.


1 comment:

AJ said...

Those look great! I really want a smores cupcake...