Thursday, July 22, 2010

two bottles of wine and a bowl of pasta

i hang out/eat dinner with two of my favorite girls at least once every month....and its always a good time. last night we meet at Collina's Itallian Cafe...and i gotta say it was pretty good. the cool my that its BYOB!! there are several restaurants around Houston that will let you bring your own wine in but they charge a $5-$15 "corking fee." (for those that dont know what a corking fee is-its when they charge you to open your bottle and use their glasses and drink your own wine...sort of like they are punishing you monetarily for not buying their wine) anywho....they dont charge a corking fee. so we brought a bottle of my favorite red "Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon" and my friend brough a yummy Pinot Grigio named "Italo Cescon." We didnt finish the bottles...we had to drive afterwards...but it made for a fun evening. Here are a couple pics i thought id share.

if you want a laid back itallian cafe vibe for dinner i would recommend it. the pasta and pizza was really good...good prices...wait staff was nice and not pushy.

i will have a Friday DIY up tomorrow....stay tuned kids.

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