Monday, July 12, 2010


my nephew graduated from 5th grade this year...(it has been brought to my attention that most schools don't do a 5th grade graduation....but our school does...i know its weird). every year after graduation the kids get treated to a day trip, usually somewhere close by. when i was younger my class went to Galveston....this was the last field trip my class was allowed to go on together until high school. we were a misbehaving bunch.

this year his class went to Kemah, which is about 30 min outside of Houston. its a neat little city on the water, near Galveston. the main attraction is the Boardwalk..which has a bunch of restaurants, stores/shops, and old fashioned carnival rides! my mom, dave, and i went along as chaperones. so with the help of my Hipstamatic app i took a few pics to document the day. (side note: it was like a field trip to the surface of the sun that hot...there was also about 800 students from other schools there as well...super fun!).

here are a few of my favorite shots of the day:

the kids also had the opportunity to feed sting rays at the Aquarium. its a cool experience if you are 12. if you are an adult...not so much. the sting rays are kept in a large tank inside a concrete room. anyone see where I'm going with this? concrete room and water are good at amplifying sound. the sound i speak of is about 25 kids screaming/shrieking/yelling in surprise that the sting rays climb/jump the walls of the tank in search of the anchovies the kids where feeding them. i swear my eardrums were bleeding when we finally left the enclosure.

i was amazed at how big they were...ive only seen small ones

all in all it was a fun day. had fun watching the kids enjoy the old rides...proof that stuff doesnt have to be new and flashy to have good 'ol fun.

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