Friday, July 16, 2010

friday DIY: feather hair strings

i thought it would be fun to start a regular weekly DIY project...this week it lands on friday. we'll see how long i can keep this up.

in college i had some feathered earrings that i wore alot. they had these long feathers that peaked out from underneath my hair...i loved them. i have always been in love with the hippie/boho/natural mom used to tell me i was born in the wrong generation. so after looking through some favorite blogs i stumbled upon a tutorial on Elsie's blog and some other feather hair accessories on MuchoMuchBuenoBueno (which coincidentally is a good friend of my friend Sara Van Buskirk-small world huh). so being inspired i decided to make some "feather hair strings"...thats what i call them anyway.

so here we go....DIY Feather Hair Strings:

What you will need (from left to right): 1.) hot glue gun 2.)twine, leather cord, suede straps(on far right of pic) 3.) assortment of feathers (colored or patterned) 4.) hair clip (the one in the pic is used to sew hair extensions to, but you can use any kind that works well with your hair) 5.) beads (i used wooden beads...make sure the bead hole is big enough for your twine/leather cord)

im a big fan of using stuff you have laying around the house...but if you do need to buy supplies your in luck. everything all together was $10 or less and can make several dozen of these things....or something else fun.

Step 1: measure and cut a piece of twine/leather cord/suede straps. i held my string at the part in my hair and measured how long i wanted it. If you want two strands, double the length of your string and add 2 inches(to allow for the loop/knot). Fold your string in half (or almost half - i wanted mine different lengths) and tie a knot about an inch down - this will leave a loop at the top

Step 2: string on your beads in reverse order (the first bead you string on will be the bead on top once your done)

Step 3: pick out 2 or three feathers and glue them together. i just put a small line of hot glue on the top of each feather until i was happy with the number and arrangement of the feathers. if you dont like it no worries...they come apart pretty easily...just pull apart and re-glue til you are happy.

Step 4: on the back side of the feather cluster put a small line of glue and attached the end of one of your Hair Strings. I glued about an inch of string onto the feather cluster.

Step 5: put a small dot of glue at the base of the string/feather cluster and attach the end of your small leather cord. allow to dry before you glue and wrap

Step 6: once the end of the cord is dry and secure put a small line of glue all the way up the rest of the feather/string joint. quickly wrap leather cord around....the glue will hold the leather wrap in place.

Step 7: when everything is dry and set arrange your beads wherever you want them. Repeat steps 1-6 if you are doing a double Hair String.

Step 8: clip into hair and enjoy! (i used a snap clip - slipped the loop onto the clip and clipped it into my hair). You can also glue the Hair String to a "weft" clip (shown in supply pic)...whatever you prefer.

These Feather Hair Strings are cute for summer outfits and make great gifts. Hope you enjoyed today's DIY. If you have questions let me know!


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