Friday, August 20, 2010

busy week....

its been a busy week at work and by the time i have time to catch up on reading my blogs and writing new ones...i haven't felt like it. so sorry...I've been away for a few days. remember the terrarium DIY blog? well i finally attempted it last night. let me tell ya...unless you have moss growing somewhere around your house its kinda hard to find....well at least in the places you would expect to find it. i had everything else i needed...jar, rocks, charcoal (which i bought activated carbon for fish tanks cause the nursery didn't have any for plants...weird huh?...but the fish guy told be it would do the trick), and soil. so i went to the big nursery around the corner from my house and asked for live moss. they didn't have any which surprised me. of course i would rather not buy moss since it should be outside and free for the taking but i live in an area that has perfectly manicured lawns and landscaped foliage areas....and NO moss. so while i was looking around Michael's at some of their pretty apothecary jars...which i may have to go back and pretty...i rounded a corner and bam hibernating dried moss. what the heck...i guess now that i think about it its not that weird that Michael's has moss but it never occurred to me that they would have it. i also picked up some cheap modeling clay to sculpt tiny little mushrooms and hobbit holes to put in my terrariums. here is my progress so far.

all they had was "deerfoot" moss at michael's and im not super impressed with it. i may order or try and find some "feather" moss or other cool looking ones in the park this weekend. i also need to figure out how to get my mushrooms and mr. snail to dry...they were still mold-able this morning...maybe baking them...the clay didn't come with instructions because it was the cheap multi pack. any advice?

aren't they cute! when they dry i will put them in the jars and make my own little miniature fern gully. maybe ill get lucky and find some larger glass containers this weekend so i can make a large terrarium....i feel some thrifting coming on!!

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