Monday, August 30, 2010

sneak peak on the next DIY

tonight i started working on the next DIY im going to's a hint...its not a real rose.

this past weekend i:
-made, for what seems the hundredth time in the past week, my fresh homemade salsa (both regular tomato salsa as well as a delish pineapple salsa)
-cleaned out my craft/holiday decoration had turned into one of those closets packed so tight that if you opened the door stuff would fall out
-went running with my running group and nephew
-played a healthy bit of mario cart with my nephew
-hung out with dave's family
-carved a "magic stone" out of modeling clay for a school project

(it looks like a green arrow head...but i swear thats what it looked like in his book)

all-in-all it was a nice family filled weekend.

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