Friday, August 13, 2010

friday DIY: Terrariums

ive been seeing terrariums everywhere lately on the interwebz....from tiny ones that are rings (yes for your finger) and large ones. i think they are really cute...they remind me of fairy gardens or a minature Fern Gully (is that on dvd...someone please buy it for me for my birthday). Anywho i was reading one of my fav blogs this morning, The Dainty Squid, and Kaylah posted a link for a DIY excited to try this. I am using the pictures off of their website so please go to for the full post.

-a glass container that has a tight fitting lid (whatever size you want)
-good dirt and rocks
- Figurines or decorative rocks to place inside. I went with an animal theme and also made little mushrooms out of sculpture clay. The animals we got at a toy store. Little houses also work well, but this step is really up to your personal preferences.
-Horticultural Charcoal. (You need this to soak up gasses or keep the water clean or something like that. I’ve read conflicting reports about whether you actually need this or not, but it won’t hurt to have it.)
-Moss (another one of those things you can find outside, but can also order if you don’t live somewhere it doesn’t grow naturally).
-Spray bottle (for misting after wards).

Step 1: Wash your container and rocks to make sure there is nothing there that can contaminate the terrarium

Step 2: Start layering your base. First the rocks, then charcoal, then dirt.

Step 3: Add your moss, and give it a couple shot glasses (depending on the container size) of water.

Step 4: Add your figurines as you please and ta-da....leave it alone and watch it flurish

cute right? ive never made one before so i dont how well this will work....esp in muggy 'ole houston....but we'll see. it does give the hint to not keep it in direct sunlight. if it starts to grow mold then something is wrong....i think. if anyone have different instructions or advice on terrariums please post it in the comments!

Part 2 of the DIY Vintage Train Cake remake is coming up stay tuned.

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