Friday, August 20, 2010

etsy finds....

this week i finally broke down and ordered some "Washi" Japenese masking tape. you might be asking yourself...why did your order masking tape? well i ordered it because i haven't found it anywhere in town (but im also the "last one to hear" kind of people so that may be a lie)....and because its beautiful!!! look

ive seen it used in so many places lately....handmade cards or invitations, inspiration/craft journals, artwork...etc. ive been avoiding buying it for several months now and i caved. its so pretty and bright...and if you know me well im a magnet to pretty and bright colors...i cant help it.

i also caved and bought these absolutely fabulous pieces of art from The Black Apple.

This is a set of postcards from her "Lost on on the Midway" vintage carnival themed series. i would love to have prints of the whole series but i cant afford them...i would love a couple prints of anything in her shop for my birthday though..HINT...HINT. these are small and will fit in some small black frames i bought on clearance a couple of years will make a nice tiled wall display. I first saw her work a couple of years ago and of course fell in love with pretty. I started following her blog a few months ago and of course love it. She talks about art, cats, and food....3 of my favorite things.

what have you found on etsy lately? anything i should check out?

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