Thursday, August 5, 2010

Healthy Living

I read many blogs one of my regulars she mentioned a healthy living/lifestyle blog called Chemical Free Skinny i started reading it. There is alot of useful information on that blog...people write in with questions I know I have asked myself before and other questions that i hadn't yet thought of asking. They also post new health alerts, post yummy healthy receipes,living green tips, and fun facts.

While Im not the most healthiest of people...i do enjoy a good cheeseburger from time to time...i am trying to make a conscience effort to do better. i will be 27 in 2 months exactly from today and i need to start taking better care of my body so it will hold up.

Here are some tips that i absorbed while reading Chemical Free Skinny today:

-Aspartame (artificial sweetner that is in everthing aka *Nurta Sweet, Equal, Sucralos, or the Pink Packets) turns into formaldehyde when heated up to 86*F...our body stays around 96*F or higher on a hot day. I have always been allergic to Aspartame or any other derivative so I know I'm safe but i have many friends and family members that drink diet sodas, juices, energy drinks, etc that contain this....Stop people..its killing you!!

-Oatmeal and Onion Puree face mask - helps unclog pores and heal acne scars. Go here for the receipe

-Lemon and Yogurt Whitening face mask - can lighten acne or other scaring without the strong chemicals put in OTC "dark spot removers." Go here for the receipe

-Nitrate in processed meats is a large contributor to weight gain

-Refrigerate berries as soon as possible. Dont allow berries to be out of refrigeration for longer than 2 hours. Always wash before refrigerating or before eatting

-Buy local - google farmers markets near your zip code. take cash just in case and your own produce bags (use cloth or reuse plastic bags from previous grocery trips). You may find other fun things there too like natural soaps, fresh flowers, and other homemade products!

-clean your computer desk/workspace often with anti-bacterial cleaners...there is alot of hidden ick all over it

im not saying you need to move into a treehouse powered by bicycle and scavenge for nuts and berries, but small changes in your lifestyle will improve your overall life experience. this post is mainly for me...i need to live more healthy...and maybe you'll get something good out of it too. i will continue to pass on any good nuggets of info when i find them.


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