Sunday, August 15, 2010

crazy weekend / vintage train case remake: part 2

i worked on...and might be finished with my vintage train case remake (i may or may not add more). all i need to do is get some poly spray and seal in the paint and the paper appliqués. Here is how it turned out

i think it looks ok....not sure if im completely happy with it yet. what do you think?

on to the "crazy" part of this post. i may have mentioned last week that i had a graduation cake to work on this weekend. it was a simple enough cake...half sheet cake with some simple graduation decorations on it. i had no problem getting it done...i was done on time. so its 30 min before i need to deliver the cake (the place is 10 min away) and i go out to my truck to make sure that there is a space clear to put the cake. when i get back to my front door and its locked....and all i have with me is my car keys. *#@* @#^* $@#* ...thats what came out of my mouth. luckily i had my cell phone in my pocket. boyfriend to the rescue. i caught him at the right time too...he was about to leave town for the week and i caught him right before he left. and even more perfect timing...he got to my place 2min before the cake recipients showed up to pick up the cake. as much as it sucked to be locked out of my house for 45 min in 100 degree was really nice to see dave for an hour before he went away for a week.

it was also nice of cricket to keep me company through the mail slot

she is so cute right. i could imagine her saying "o hai...why u out therez? plz to come in an pet me." i also was really appreciative that i could feel a cool breeze from the ac through the mail slot.

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Karma Darling said...

I love the appliques on the train case! I got mine this weekend, and as badly as I want to paint it and add fun stuff, I kind of like the vintage olive color. Which is odd, because I'm not usually into the vintage look.

Glad everything worked out with the cake!