Monday, August 9, 2010

jones'n for the beach

i have been jones'n for a trip to the beach. usually during the summer dave and i go down to the beach (galveston) a couple times a month, but with dave's work schedule and my schedule we just havent had the chance. lately ive been listening to alot of Sublime, Slightly Stupid, Pepper, and the Dirty Heads....which is sort of beachy..and its making the craving worse. fingers crossed in a couple of weeks when our schedules open up we can go spend some time in the sand and sun.

the beach in Nice, France

one of my favorite pics of nico and dave from a couple of years sweet

galveston plays a free movie on the first saturday of the month. it's projected on a giant inflatable screen outside...the boys were playing cards waiting for the movie to start (check out the boys matching got cool once the sun went down so we bought them the same hoodie) i really miss going to the really is one of my most favorite things to do with dave and nico.

ill post pics when we go


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