Thursday, August 12, 2010


i made the mistake of drinking a large-ish cup of coffee last night around 6pm. Big mistake...esp cause all i drink is extra bold. i drank the coffee because i had a bad sinus headache and sometimes caffine did help but it also successfully kept me awake til about 2am this morning. so while i was wide awake last night i watched my newest netflix arrival "Ballet Shoes" with Emma Watson (Hermione in HP). It's based on the childrens book and I thought it was really cute. i also started cutting out colors from old magazines to use on part 2 of my Vintage Train Case Remake (see a couple posts below). i was hoping to finish the train case this week but I may not finish until monday....i have a graduation cake to make this weekend and since the cake is for a girl graduating from Texas A&M University...(whoop im class of '05) i need to make it extra special. ill post pics of it later this weekend.

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