Monday, August 2, 2010

case of the mondays

last night i had the worst headache right before bed. i dred that because it become the battle of "do i take something" or "do i just try and sleep and hope that the headache is gone in the am?" last night i caved....about 11pm i took one tylenol pm. i usually take excedrine migrane or extra strength but it has caffine...and im i took the tylenol pm. it is usually a good choice but i took it way to late. as a result i am a zombie...i feel like i cant open my eyes all the really hoping my giant coffee sitting next to me will do the trick. if not it will be a bad/sleepy day.
(FYI while i was typing that i took a sip of coffee and burnt all the tastebuds off my tongue....the coffee is HOT!!!)

so while im trying to get out this zombie state...head on over to Brandi's blog Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno....they are having a huge giveaway (that i
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anywho...thats all for now...but i shall return with tales from the weekends bathroom cabnet refinishing project...and i still owe you a DIY

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